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Expert Witness & Consultant

Emergency Medicine & Hypothermia
Dr. David Saintsing, M.D.



I have been practicing emergency medicine since 1999 and currently serve a broad spectrum of patients, including the critically ill, at a Level 2 trauma center in Denver, CO.  I review malpractice cases regularly as a faculty member for COPIC insurance company.  Additionally, I am an assistant professor of medicine at Rocky Vista University School of Medicine.

My specialized area of interest and expertise is in the field of hypothermia. I have lectured, provided opinions for insurance companies, been in True Crime podcasts and testified in a criminal murder trial regarding hypothermia issues.


I have practiced for 20+ years in a variety of community hospital settings. Serving in leadership and teaching positions has enabled a broader growth within my practice. I am currently on the board of directors of our 200+ physician practice entity as well being on the board of directors of our larger management company. Additionally I proudly serve as an educator of physician assistants, as I am on the physician assistant academy faculty of Carepoint, PC. I am board certified through the American Board of Emergency Medicine.


I trained in residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, where I served as chief resident during my final year. Prior to residency, I completed medical school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Medical Chart Review & Analysis

Provide Opinion Regarding Whether or Not a Breach of the Standard of Care Occurred

Provide Opinion Regarding Injury & Causation

Survey of Case for Merit

Preparation of Medical Summary Report and/or Affidavit

Aid Legal Team in Preparing for Expert Deposition or Trial

Attorney Liaison to Treating Physicians & Family Members

Medical Literature Search

Expert Witness Testimony at Deposition & Trial



In what years did you finish medical school and residency?

I completed medical school at UNC - Chapel Hill in 1996 and finished my residency in emergency medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia in 1999.

What does chief resident mean?

I was asked by our faculty to serve as chief of the residency program. This is a leadership position during your final year in which you help the faculty teach, participate in faculty meetings, and generally serve as a pseudo faculty member.

Are you board certified in emergency medicine?

Yes, since 1999.

What additional certifications do you hold?

The only certification required at my hospital is ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support). Other such certifications are not required because it is presumed that you have the requisite level of knowledge.

Roughly how many patients do you see annually?


Do you oversee physician assistants?

Yes, I provide oversight for PA’s and manage patients alongside them.

What does it mean that you are on the faculty of the Physician Assistant Academy?

My company uses mid level practitioners in the ED. In our case we hire PA’s as opposed to NP’s. We take the professional growth and education of our PA’s seriously. To that end we have created an educational curriculum and provide lectures to enhance their professional development. I am one of about 10 physicians in my group who regularly teaches our physician assistants.

Are you available to work as an ER expert witness for both plaintiff and defense?


What types of cases are you available to testify on as an emergency medicine expert witness?

Primarily emergency medicine cases in it which there is a question of standard of care breach.

In what setting do you practice?

I practice at a Level 2 trauma center emergency department in Denver, CO.

Does being on the board of directors impact your expert witness practice?

No, this is informational to help the legal team understand that I am seen as a leader and critical thinker within our corporation of several hundred physicians.


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